Fabien Snauwaert

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My sites to learn English

Click & Speak
Learn the top 5,000 words in American English, with the correct pronunciation and meaningful sentences you will remember. Broke €525,000 in sales.
A newsletter, blog, and products for French people learning English. 80 to 120K monthly visitors.
An interactive chart of the 39 sounds of standard American English. Used by English teachers the world over.
Modern ways to practice English and become truly fluent (book.) How I learned English as a foreign language (and then Spanish, Russian, Hungarian.)
A list of the most common words in spoken American English.
Learn sentences from daily life. Includes 200 illustrations created with DALL·E.

🏠  Personal sites

My notes about learning languages · languages.fabiensnauwaert.com I speak 🇭🇺 Hungarian (C1/advanced), 🇷🇺 Russian, 🥖 French (native), still understand Spanish, and of course English. Here are my notes, tools, stories, content recommendations, and other favorite resources for these languages!

🤖 A.I.

Working on a new product to practice and learn languages. Planning to #buildinpublic on Twitter, Twitch, etc. Will share some notes here.

📒  Random Notes

Notes about productivity, self-help, business, coding and whatnot... If I get around to moving them from Dropbox to Notion.

Get rid of distractions (regain your focus)
How to run macOS Classic